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Why Us?

We believe in creating a value system with our customers. We weigh these customer satisfaction reviews equal to our impact created in providing highest quality products and services. We are the most trusted OEM brands’ across India.

We are the one stop solution to all your security and OEM related needs. We ensure a trustworthy relationship by providing best services in security and attendance systems.
Of all the OEMs, we have the strictest quality control measures because of which our customer retention is a staggering 100%.
We excel in providing services in the domain of payroll management whilst being ranked amongst the top by customers across all sections.

About Us
TechnoIDS deals in Biometric Access Control Devices, Parking Assist/Management Devices, Security Surveillances System and Devices. Furthermore, we at TechnoIDS also indulge in catering best in industry, in-house HR solutions and services to our end customers which widely includes the Payroll Processing Services, Time and Attendances Management, Leave Management etc.
We have been working for multiple organisations in various sectors such as retail, e-commerce, hospitals, buildings, schools and colleges, banks, salons etc. Our core values are of customer satisfaction and support and hence we deliver long term commitments.
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Employee Database

"Employee Self Service is a part of the service provided by us at TechnoIDS, providing a self service protal as a part of the software that the employees have access to. Employees can access their payroll, schedules, and benefits information, make updates to their own details and more. "

Time & Attendance Management

We at TechnoIDS facilitate the software to capture attendance related data from different sources like swipe card, biometric System. We also manage Employee Attendance, Permission, Late Coming, Overtime, Leave, Compensatory Off in relation to real time integration with biometric/Attendance Machines.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is one of the most important, complex, and time-consuming procedures in finance and accounting. Keeping this up-to-date and accurate is an important obligation for any company or industry. We use state of the art software that compliments the professional competence of our payroll processing team to give our client 100% accurate and customized service.

Leave Management

One of the best way to ensure easy scheduling at a glance is with realiable leave mangment service. With the Leave Managment Service both employee and the employer benefit by easy scheduling tracking employees time and time out and managing time and attendance seamlessly. The service increases productivity and reduces doubling up on work.

Claim & Reimbursement Management

Empowering employees with ESS allows them to submit their expenses on a regular basis for approval by concerned authority rather than at the end of the month, saving immense time and paperwork at the end of the month.

Mobile Application

TechnoIDS provides user with a cutting edge employee benefits Mobile App, with access to self-service tools, a document library and current news updates using the media of their choice.

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